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All WildCards are the property of the University of Kentucky and must be surrendered if requested. WildCards are non-transferrable and any misuse may result in disciplinary action.


WildCard Costs

Forms of Payment include: cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover), check and CatCash.

New WildCard: $20

Lost WildCard: $35

Stolen WildCard (with police report): $20

UK HealthCare Vanity: $5

WildCard Merchandise: $5

New Vendor WildCard: $50

Lost Vendor WildCard: $100

Retiree WildCard with Access: $20

Retiree WildCard without Access: $5

Lost and Found WildCard

Lost or Stolen WildCard: Immediately report your card lost or stolen online or contact the WildCard ID Office or the CatCash Office. Any financial charges or transactions made with the WildCard identification are the responsibility of the cardholder.

Found WildCards can be returned to the WildCard ID Office.

The cost to replace a lost WildCard is $35.00. (If you are a HealthCare employee, there is an additional charge of $5 for a new Vanity ID).

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a previously-issued WildCard, do I need to return it to obtain a new WildCard?

Yes. All existing WildCards in your name must be returned prior to the creation of your new WildCard. If you have turned in your previously-issued WildCard to your department, please have it returned to our office.

What is needed to obtain a new WildCard?

A current, valid government-issued form of identification (U.S. driver's license, U.S. identification card, passport, or military ID)

Any previously-issued WildCards

Form of payment: cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover), and check

All HealthCare employees must also bring a completed identification application signed by authorized personnel.  For a list of authorized personnel in your department, please contact our office.

*Please note that information in SAP must correspond with the presented government-issued identification before a WildCard can be created.


What if I recently changed my name?

Please contact the Registrar's Office to update your name. You must exchange your old WildCard in order to receive an updated one. The cost for a new WildCard due to a name change is $20. You must also bring a valid U.S. government ID that matches the name in the University’s SAP system.

Do I obtain a new WildCard every semester?

No. A WildCard is for the duration of your stay at the University of Kentucky.

Who is eligible for a WildCard Student ID?

Students admitted to the current or upcoming term at the University of Kentucky are eligible to receive a WildCard which will be valid at the beginning of the enrolled semester.

Will my access and meal plan information automatically transfer to a new WildCard?

Yes. Your building access and meal plan information will transfer automatically.

Can I re-activate my WildCard over the phone?

No, WildCards cannot be reactivated over the phone but must be done in person, and only when a card has been marked lost in the system.

How is the WildCard validated?

The WildCard is automatically validated when tuition and fees have been paid.

How do I submit my photo online for my WildCard?

BBN Orientation attendees can now submit their photo online for their WildCard. For more information, please click here.