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All UK HealthCare employees, students, observers, and personnel are required to have a UK HealthCare Vanity ID in addition to the WildCard. The Healthcare Vanity must be worn and paired with the WildCard at all times.

UK HealthCare employees must bring a completed ID badge application in addition to a valid U.S. government-issued photo identification. The government-issued identification must match the name of the individual in the University's SAP database. 


Please note that only authorized personnel can sign the badge application​.  For a comprehensive list of authorized department personnel, please contact the UK HealthCare WildCard Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a previously-issued WildCard, do I need to return it to obtain a new WildCard?

Yes. All existing WildCards in your name must be returned prior to the creation of your new WildCard. If you have turned in your previously-issued WildCard to your department, please have it returned to our office. Lost WildCards incur an additional fee of $15.

What is needed to obtain a new WildCard?

Bring the following items to a WildCard office:

  • A current, valid government-issued form of identification (U.S. driver's license, U.S. identification card, passport, or military ID)
  • Any previously-issued WildCards
  • Form of payment: cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover), and check
  • All HealthCare employees must also bring a completed identification application signed by authorized personnel.  For a list of authorized personnel in your department, please contact our office.

*Please note that information in SAP must correspond with the presented government-issued identification before a WildCard can be created.

What if I recently changed my last name?

Your updated name must be reflected in the SAP System in order to process your WildCard. Please contact your department for any changes in the SAP System. A U.S. government-issued photo identification in your updated name is also required.  

How do I obtain security access on my WildCard?

Access is added automatically when a WildCard is processed based on job title and department. Any additional access must be requested.

When is access enabled on my WildCard?

Access is enabled almost immediately once a new WildCard is created. Additional access requests require a longer waiting period.

How do I obtain a WildCard if I work at Eastern State Hospital?

The Human Resources Department at Eastern State Hospital will submit a WildCard application and a photo to our office electronically. Once your WildCard is processed, it will be delivered to Eastern State Hospital.

What if I forgot my WildCard at home?

Current and active WildCard holders may borrow a temporary identification card in the event they forgot their WildCard. The temporary IDs will grant you the same access as your current WildCard, however, Timeclocks or the Tubing station will not be accessible. A driver's license is required to borrow a temporary ID which will be exchanged upon its return. UK HealthCare Security can process temporary IDs after normal business hours. When the UK HealthCare WildCard ID office is closed, UK HealthCare Security has the ability to process temporary IDs. Access requests can be sent electronically. 

Alternatively, a paper WildCard can be created without leaving a driver's license. It will not grant the cardholder building access but is sufficient for identification purposes. 

Who do I contact regarding Timeclock issues?

Please contact Payroll with Timeclock-related issues.